[svlug] CompactFlash and digital cameras...

Kedar Patankar kedar at Centillium.com
Thu Nov 22 14:49:02 PST 2001


I am planning to buy a digital camera. I am wondering whether I can make a
working assumption that if a camera supports compact flash (type I or II)
expansion slot, then would it be enough to get such a camera and SanDisk USB
adaptor for CompactFlash and swap the CF cartridge between camera and USB
adaptor to get it working on linux?

Or do I need the camera to be explicitly supported by gPhoto/jPhoto?


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> > I'm having one of those interesting "customer service from 
> hell" stories
> > at the moment.  The key plot element is the laptop I 
> purchased earlier
> > this year.  Appears one of the problems is that the internal power
> > supply connector has broken loose from the motherboard, the 
> connectors
> > being three solder points.  The problem dates to the first 
> few months of
> > use of the system.  It has been dropped once, from about three feet,
> > onto a well-carpeted floor, after which the system seemed fine.  
> > 
> > The service vendor is ARM Computers (http://www.armcomputer.com/).
> Interesting what a Google search will pull up.  Two customer
> testimonials.  Both...interesting:
>     http://www.bayhouse.com/ARMcomputer-SUX.shtml
>     "I wouldn't buy from ARM Computer if they sold the LAST 
> notebook on
>     this planet!"
>     http://www.epinions.com/cmhd-Notebooks-All-Arm_TS3100
>     "Pros: It would be a nice machine if it worked.
>     Cons: The company that sells it is unhelpful, and incompetent at
>     customer relations. For God's sake, don't buy from ARM. Their idea
>     of improving the bottom line is squeezing the customer. BEWARE!!"
> Coincidence?   I think not.
> Peace.
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