[svlug] VIA 686B sound troubles...

Kedar Patankar kedar at Centillium.com
Wed Nov 21 15:27:02 PST 2001


I have a FIC AZ11e (KT133+686B) mobo, Duron 600MHz, 256MB RAM m/c running RH
7.2. The trouble is the onboard sound circuitry.

The default kernel sound driver can't do 44.1 KHz sampling rate playback,
only 48KHz works. And it doesn't record (grab) anything from the microphone
using gnome audio recorder or "dd if=/dev/dsp of=foobar.bin bs=512

I have had the exact same problem with RH7.1. What's happening? Has anyone
got this thing to work with ALSA drivers?


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