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on Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 02:07:05AM -0800, Karsten M. Self (kmself at wrote:
> on Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 01:32:04PM -0800, Karsten M. Self (kmself at wrote:
> > I'm having one of those interesting "customer service from hell" stories
> > at the moment.  The key plot element is the laptop I purchased earlier
> > this year.  Appears one of the problems is that the internal power
> > supply connector has broken loose from the motherboard, the connectors
> > being three solder points.  The problem dates to the first few months of
> > use of the system.  It has been dropped once, from about three feet,
> > onto a well-carpeted floor, after which the system seemed fine.  
> > 
> > The service vendor is ARM Computers (
> Interesting what a Google search will pull up.  Two customer
> testimonials.  Both...interesting:
>     "I wouldn't buy from ARM Computer if they sold the LAST notebook on
>     this planet!"
>     "Pros: It would be a nice machine if it worked.
>     Cons: The company that sells it is unhelpful, and incompetent at
>     customer relations. For God's sake, don't buy from ARM. Their idea
>     of improving the bottom line is squeezing the customer. BEWARE!!"

...and for more of the same, try Google Groups:
The trail of tears goes back as far as 1996.  I've talked to several
people regarding the company, including a customer who'd successfully
sued (but has failed to collect) on $3000 for a defective unit.
Stonewalling, refusing repair, and denying warranty coverage appear to
be par for the course.  One source reports a dozen negative incidents in
six months.  A vendor severed its relationships with ARM and now deals
with other suppliers and repair facilities.  A Las Vegas, NV, firm
selling extended warranty coverage through ARM is reported to have been
involved in a lawsuit with the company several years back (I'm
researching details).  "Plague" and "shady" are used to describe the
company.  I've put out a requests for stories, and am hearing nothing
but bad experiences.

The Google Groups results are overwhelmingly either bad customer
experiences or inquiries for recommendations.  I've yet to see a good
report on the company.

Don't buy from ARM Computer.  ARM Computer's service stinks.  ARM
Computer evades its warranty obligations.  

Check your laptop vendor's service terms to find out who is responsible
for repairs.  This company has a long track record of poor, misleading,
or deceitful business practices.

I've been following up with both TuxTops and QLITech.  As I said before,
QLI *doesn't* deal with ARM on new units, though some of its TuxTops
systems remain under ARM warranty.  I'm getting supportive noises from
both companies, and am hopeful that this dispute will be resolved


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