[svlug] BALUG tonight, 7 pm

Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Tue Nov 20 10:15:01 PST 2001

 Hi everybody. In my "so many linux hats it's good I have all these t-shirts"
 role, I'd like to mention that the BALUG speakers tonight are Valerie and Bill
 from mEconomy, which makes privacy and initelligent agent software, and is
 making it open source this month.

 BALUG is a dinner event at the Four Seas Restaurant in S.F. Chinatown, on
 Grant Street between Clay and Montgomery.  You can drive up through the 
 pillars of Chinatown if you want.  For those of you with short cars it's
 probably easiest to park in the garage at Kearney, but there's more parking
 than you would think, really.

 Anyways dinner is $10 for an incredibly huge multi-course meal, but if you
 don't want to eat chinese, you can show up at 8 pm and just catch the 
 speakers for freebs.

 Door prizes afterwards, then a bunch of folks head out to Mel's Diner by the
 Metreon (not Max's) for milkshakes, etc.
Bye for now!

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