[svlug] Laptop horrors: AC Power supply breakage

Jeffrey Siegal jbs at quiotix.com
Tue Nov 20 09:13:02 PST 2001

Mark S Bilk wrote:

> The machine must be designed to withstand some expected degree 
> of impacts without sustaining damage.  After all, it's sold as 
> a _portable_ computer!  Anything portable is going to get 
> bumped if it's used in the mode that it's advertised as being 
> capable of, namely being carried around.  If it can't withstand 
> such _unavoidable_ impacts, then it's being sold under false 
> advertising.  

Bumped and dropped are two different things. If you think laptops should 
be designed to survive being dropped, perhaps you are right, but you'd 
better be prepared to take on just about every laptop manufacturer. 
Pretty much all of them regularly break due to some pretty mild "abuse."

The manufacturers are all going to argue that it is the responsibility 
of the users to protect the devices from mechanical shock using care in 
handling, padded cases, etc. And that users who need a greater degree of 
  tolerance to rough handling should pay the price to buy a "ruggedized" 

I don't know if they're right or not, but I still say they should give 
the customer the benefit of the doubt and fix it unless there is clear 
evidence failure was due to user-inflicted damage.

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