[svlug] 16G RAM?

Bryan-TheBS-Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Mon Nov 19 23:41:01 PST 2001

Will Francis wrote:
> Anyone know of any dual CPU systems shipping that can handle
> 16G of RAM in a x86 box?  I know the 2.4 kernel claims to
> handel 64G, but is that across all architectures?

ServerWorks ServerSet IIIHE[-sl] chipset-based mainboards.  It can
support upto 4 banks of 4 DIMMs of registered, ECC PC100/133 SDRAM and
1GB DIMMs are an option (although somewhat more expensive per MB than
256-512MB DIMMs registered, ECC PC100/133).

I haven't 16 DIMM slots on anything less than a 4-way Xeon (the
ServerSet III supports either Xeon or P3), although that doesn't mean
someone didn't implement 16 DIMMs for just a dual-P3 (or Xeon).

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