[svlug] Laptop horrors: AC Power supply breakage

Charles Peterman peterman at eecs.tufts.edu
Mon Nov 19 13:51:02 PST 2001


Well, the same thing just happened to me with my old trusty DELL
Inspiron 7000.  (333MHz PII, 8 lb behemoth).  Called Dell,
AirborneExpress picked it up that Monday afternoon and it was
back me by Friday.  Admittedly, they had told me it would be back on
Wednesday, but hey its a 2.5 year old machine.

The more I read about the laptop service horror stories,
the happier I am to have been a Dell customer.  This old
beast has been back and forth with them on three occasions now.  Twice
for minor things (loose keyboard, missing latch catch) and once for the
mobo PS difficulty.  The service has always been responsive.
By default, they remind you to remove the harddrive prior to shipping, to
ensure customer privacy.  The machine has always come back within a week.

I've had this thing running all permutations of OS's possible, and told
DELL as much, and that hasn't once been an issue with the hardware


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