[svlug] OT: Leonids?

Ajay lists at hempy.dhs.org
Sat Nov 17 18:57:01 PST 2001

sbay.org is having their monthly Pizza tonight, and we're planning on going
to watch after that, I'm sure ya'll are welcome to come!

(at the least you could come for the tail end when it's deciding where we're
going and all.)

It's at Tony & Alba's in SJ, here's a URL for directions:


(It's funny, the only reason I came to my computer right now is to get
directions so I can be fashionably late. ;)

BTW: This is a technical forum/group, I don't know if this is to be
considered OT.  I'm sure people will be out there with telescopes, cameras,
etc etc and the whole thing can be considered a very geekish/SV thing, if
one wanted to!!

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