[svlug] Looking for powerful Linux server

Bryan-TheBS-Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Fri Nov 16 12:26:02 PST 2001

Rafael Skodlar wrote:
> SGI is still around? I try to steer away from "too proprietary"
> hardware especialy if it's obsolete.

SGI's Lintel systems are OEM'ed PC components.

> This is a wild chase around the net for "best hardware" out there.

Of the major Linux hardware vendors I've dealt with, ASL
(http://www.aslab.com) knows their stuff.  I like to pride myself on
being a "hardware enthusiast" but they even bested me by a wide margin. 
They have lots of hardware and distro options, know what works and what
doesn't, and only do Linux.

> Supermicro seems to have the most agressive priced motherboards and
> systems. More search is on the way.

I've used Supermicro's 2 and 4-way ServerWorks chipset mainboard for
Intel P3s.  Since then, Intel has licensed their chipsets as well for
use in their own server mainboards (largely because DRDRAM sizes are
still below SDRAM ones, let alone are only available in 2-channels of 2
RIMMs).  Supermicro is great for "doing it yourself," and have complete
mainboard+chassis solutions.

-- TheBS

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