[svlug] App called during boot, weird backspace behavior

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Wed Nov 14 23:44:01 PST 2001

Ivan Passos writes:

> I did this to be able to try several different TERM types (linux, ansi,
> vt100, etc.). However, I still get the same results ...
> Any hints as to why this didn't solve the problem?!?!

It might be an stty thing -- there might be a terminal mode which is
ultimately set by login or by interactive shells, which is not set
within your application.  (Certainly the login program does quite a
bit to your virtual consoles before it actually allows you to log in!)
I don't know what that terminal mode might be, but if you have a look
within the man page for stty, you might find something relevant.

If it is a matter of setting a certain terminal mode on the console,
you can do that within your C program by calling ioctl(2) on file
descriptor 0.

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