[svlug] App called during boot, weird backspace behavior

Ivan Passos lists at cyclades.com
Wed Nov 14 22:56:01 PST 2001

On Wed, 14 Nov 2001, Robert Hajime Lanning wrote:
> The TERM environment variable is not set.

This was the first thing I thought (as I mentioned in my original msg).

> This is the behaviour for dumb terminals with no cursor control.
> This was for the days that the terminals were keyboards and printers.
> You could not erase what was printed so you did it symbolicly.
> the "\" symbolizes the start of the erase pattern and the "/" shows the
> end of the pattern.

Very interesting! This I didn't know. Thanks for the explanation!!

Now back to the problem. Before I sent the first msg to the list, I did
try to "force" the setting of the TERM environment variable from within
the init script, as follows:


echo -n "Set the terminal type: "
export TERM

# Call application now

I did this to be able to try several different TERM types (linux, ansi,
vt100, etc.). However, I still get the same results ...

Any hints as to why this didn't solve the problem?!?!

BTW thanks for your quick reply!


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