[svlug] Why Linux will win and Micro$oft will lose

Felipe Leme felipeal at iname.com
Sun Nov 11 11:52:01 PST 2001

jeffrey l koehn wrote:

>That's right, Linux will be on every desktop
>and server because the all American Dollar rules. 

I wish it was that simple...

>Because of The Big Picture:
>1)Lower Cost ( The Linux Kernel doesn't cost anything)
That's true for you and me. But for the others (mainly in the 
enterprises), there are the indirect costs of changing, like learning a 
new environment, support, training, etc... At long term, changing to 
linux would pay for that, but then you would need to break the 
Dilbert-like-management-mentality barrier...

>2)Open-source Kernel
>3)The "GPL, Linux, Open-Source Kernel"
Again, that is really important for us and for some companies, but it 
doesn't matter for, let's say,  a CEO's secretary or a tele-marketing op.

Don't get me wrong: I'm in your side, but I'm afraid you're dreaming too 
high :)


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