[svlug] Why Linux will win and Micro$oft will lose

jeffrey l koehn caveman at cyclox.com
Sun Nov 11 10:40:01 PST 2001

Linux will win and Micro$oft will lose. So
sit back, have fun and watch it happen.

That's right, Linux will be on every desktop
and server because the all American Dollar rules. 
What becomes a standard is determined by economics
( the cost of the product).
There was a time when you could get Windows 3.1,
for $30.00 and that is when Micro$oft
became a standard, it wasn't because of
superior technology.
The genie (GPL, Linux, Open-Souce) was let out
of the bottle a long time ago and as time passes
it will consume everything. If you ask me, it
reached critical mass in 1998. The genie can not
be put back into the bottle. And so the
next business/technology model has
already been determined.

Because of The Big Picture:
1)Lower Cost ( The Linux Kernel doesn't cost anything)
2)Open-source Kernel
3)The "GPL, Linux, Open-Source Kernel"
is the perfect technology model/foundation
for Manufacturing and for the masses
because people, businesses, universities,
governments contribute to it.
(Linux can never be owned by anybody
or anything)
4) Linux can scale up or down
5) Linux is hardware agnostic
6) "Linux, Open-Source" can and
     will morph into future tecnologies
     that will benefit all.
 Can you think of some more reasons why Linux will win
and micro$oft will lose?


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