[svlug] Proposal 2: Nov SVLUG meeting should move to ALS Fri 11/9 6:15-8PM Oakland

Marc MERLIN marc_news at valinux.com
Sat Nov 10 18:32:03 PST 2001

On Fri, Oct 26, 2001 at 01:57:18AM -0700, tluxt wrote:
> This proposal involves:
> 1) Changing the meeting day of the week for the Nov SVLUG
> 2) Confirming the current speaker will be interested in & able to make
> the change.
> 3) Ensuring SVLUG attendees are informed about the schedule change. 
> (At worst someone who didn't find out might come at the currently
> scheduled time.  They would not therefore miss the meeting, though.)
> 4) Driving to ALS so as to be parked & in the meeting by 6:15 PM (there
> are at least two large parking facilities within two blocks of ALS,
> about two minutes from a freeway exit).

To answer the question fo the person(s)  who was asking who tluxt is and why
he was trying  to change the svlug  meeting to apparently suit  his needs, I
have confirmed that it is John Reagan, whom some of you probably know.

As to why John  feels he needs to post anonymously, is  his problem, but for
the record, while it  is not against list policy, I  believe it is childdish
and rude.  
Especially, if you're going to make proposals, you are not going to be taken
seriously if you are hiding behind a mail alias.


PS: No reply needed
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