[svlug] BayLISA meeting this week, Thurs 7:30 pm

Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Sat Nov 10 10:11:01 PST 2001

Hello everyone.  For those of you with a sysadmin's hat on... BayLISA, the
Bay Area Large Installation System Administrators, is meeting this week,
and you might find our presentation interesting.

Also, this is an election month!  BayLISA members will be electing three
members to seats on our Board of Directors.  You must be a member to vote,
or to be elected.  New memberships and renewals are encouraged :D

Corporate sponsors are also welcomed.  Support us in the new year so we
can continue to bring you excellent speakers.

Possibly of extra interest to SVLUG folk, a couple of well known members are
running for election...

WHEN: Third Thursday of every month
				This month, that's November 15, this Thursday.

MORE SPECIFIC WHEN:  7:30 pm to 10 pm.  Or so.  You know about getting the
     crowd to move out and go on to the afterdinner...

WHO: Eliot Lear

     Eliot Lear has been a Consulting Engineer for Cisco Systems since
     February of 1998, primarily focusing on network management and quality
     of service. Prior to that he was Silicon Graphics' Internet Architect,
     responsible for design and deployment of Internet and Intranet
     connectivity, access and security solutions. He participated in
     several large scale corporate acquisitions. Eliot has participated in
     the IETF for ten years, and is the author of several Internet RFCs.

THE TOPIC: Name Spaces and the Next-Generation Net

     In the continuing efforts to support multi-homing and mobility on the
     once and future internet, many good questions have been raised. One of
     them is "Should there be an additional name space above layer 3?"

     The Name Space Research Group, headed by Eliot Lear, Steve Bellovin,
     and Steve Crocker, has been pursuing that question and are producing
     an RFC that will be released in a few months.

     Come and hear a preview of this work, and how it relates to work by
     other IETF working groups such as Routing Research Group (RRG) and
     Host Identity Payload (HIP).

WHERE: At Incyte Genomics Headquarters in Palo Alto
	Nearest cross street: Page Mill at Porter Drive 
		just North of Foothill Xpwy and the 280.
	3160 Porter Drive 

	Better details (such as a map) at

-* Heather Stern * Arch (secretary) BayLISA Board * http://www.baylisa.org/ *-

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