[svlug] Samba ./configure parameters

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo mail at webthatworks.it
Thu Nov 8 15:24:01 PST 2001

I'm in the process to compile and install Samba on a Linux wannabe 

I need simil-NT ACL on just one share (no heavy load on share but 
authorization control should be as similar as possible to NT/W2K).

No need for users homes for the Win part etc..

Accounts should be centrally managed (NT PDC!! & NIS+??) and in sync 
with Linux accounts but if possible they should be different from the 
set of accounts of the Linux box running Samba, this box should just 
provide authentication to other Linux/Win boxes but not share with 
them these accounts.

I've some doubt about what to chose to centrally manage Linux 
accounts NIS+? LDAP? The system chosen should be as simple as 
possible and coexist/collaborathe well with NFS and of course Samba.

Now I should configure Samba and I've some doubt about these options:

The second should make the first unnecessary. Right?

do I need this if I'm planning to have ACL as NT?

seems usefull but I really didn't find any docs about it

Should solve sync probelms. Right?

seems a very good cherry on the cake. Is it?

If I choose NIS+ will this be enough to sync Samba and NIS+?
What if I choose another way to centralize account management?

seems unnecessary

Unfortunately I haven't find any good docs on these option and while 
they may be obvious to a more experienced Linux user I find them not 
that clear to interpret from just their names.

Samba is 2.2.2, kernel 2.4.13


Ivan Sergio Borgonovo
avid reader of /usr/src/linux/Documentation/

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