[svlug] any south bay retail source for Cheapbytes or similar distro CDs?

Jeffrey Siegal jbs at quiotix.com
Thu Nov 8 14:55:01 PST 2001

"Karsten M. Self" wrote:
> The aforementioned mall (~500 Lawrence Expywy, Sunnyvale) has a number
> of tech shops, one or more of which may have GNU/Linux distros.  There
> may also be a few multi-distro GNU/Linux CD's at Frys (at least in Palo
> Alto), though I'm not positive -- there's a few jewelcases labeled
> "developers foo", or somesuch.

Is there possible to do an md5sum on such a CD and match that up against
the md5sum for the .iso files?  If so, can someone explain how to do it?

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