[svlug] eWeek does a good job of detailing the Linus-Alan VM resolution ...

Bryan-TheBS-Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Tue Nov 6 10:59:01 PST 2001

[ To sum up the VM stuff going on, Alan and Linus in ZD article ]

Although it is littered with cliches like this:
'The accord also ends speculation that a fragmented Linux community
 would be doomed in the face of Windows.'

The rest of the article does a good job of not being YAIZDLB (yet
another ignorant Ziff-Davis Linux bash).  Specifically, these two
paragraphs are excellent:

'"I think Linus shouldn't have switched VM code in a stable release,
 but having done so, there wasn't any point undoing it, and his
 prediction that the new VM was worth the pain seems to be justified,"
 wrote Cox, who also works for Red Hat Inc., in Durham, N.C., and
 lives in Swansea, Wales.
 Explaining the rationale for maintaining simultaneous 2.4 kernel
 trees with differing VMs, Cox wrote: "I took the older VM plus fixes
 Rik felt would solve all the problems. Linus took Andrea's work.
 Right now, as of 2.4.14pre, Andrea's VM seems to be beating the
 pants off Rik's VM. All the current numbers suggest it's the better

I think this shows just how much the Linux community *DOES* work
together to solve everything.  Even Microsoft canNOT do that internally.

ZD Article:

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