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Bryan-TheBS-Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Sun Nov 4 16:51:02 PST 2001

Nate Campi wrote:
> So switching out the VM is "fixes"? Hardly. That's experimenting if I've
> ever seen it. What do you call that, bug fixes?

Hey, I'm not disagree with you there.  I'm just saying that it's *NOT*
2.5.  It's more like 2.3.  ;-PPP

> You had a choice to use kernel NFS or userspace NFS.

Not really.  There is _mega-differences_ between the two from
capabilities.  User-space NFS is *NOT* an option for most
installations.  It's like saying Samba in "shared" mode versus "user"
(let alone the performance issues ;-).

> There is no similar option to use a separate VM, unless you count
> the one in AC kernels.

Again, the "option" is to stick with patched and tested kernels.  This
is what I do with RedHat.  Furthermore, since SGI's XFS is heavily
integrated into the VM, I have had *0* issues with their kernels. 
Whatever they do, they seem to take care of it.

> Actually, saying "2.5 _will_ start once the VM stuff gets "settled
> down."" is misleading too. Alan Cox hasn't said he'll take over 2.4
> development, and has said he'd rather someone else did it (forget the
> guy's name, italian guy maybe??). There are many factors that need to
> be decided before 2.5 splits, not just the VM.

Well yes, I agree.  2.5 is still being pulled together.

But I'm still trying to figure out what you meant by "there is no 2.5
kernel branch ... 2.4 is essentially the development branch"?  It's
still misleading.  They aren't trying to "add" to 2.4 like it was 2.5. 
They are just trying to fix things they thought they did when they moved
from 2.3 to 2.4.

But even with 2.2, there was a period when 2.2 was out and 2.3 hadn't
started yet either.

> Not a bad idea. RH has always had some handy patches that I appreciated.
> I remember having the PPTP masq'ing patches in RH kernels, saving me the
> trouble of patching my home gateway. Small things like that can be nice.

You might want to check out SGI's XFS:

Although they maintain their own CVS tree that is in-sync with the
latest stock kernel, the "[pre-]releases" are based on RedHat releases. 
That way, you get all the RedHat patches plus XFS and all its VM
"improvements" (let alone the capabilities and features of XFS itself

> Exactly.

Okay, sorry I got so "anal" on you.  I read it like you were saying the
latest batch of changes in 2.4 should have been reserved for 2.5.  The
fact of the matter is that 2.4 is really still 2.3 as far as I'm

But was it so different with 2.1/2.2?  Yeah, it wasn't the VM, but a lot
of us needed kNFSd.  And you still have the option to use 2.2.  ;-PPP

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