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Nate Campi nate at wired.com
Sun Nov 4 12:19:02 PST 2001

On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 02:23:16PM -0500, Bryan-TheBS-Smith wrote:
> Nate Campi wrote:
> > One thing to keep in mind is that there is no 2.5 kernel branch.
> > This means that 2.4 is essentially the development branch.
> Er, that is _very_misleading_!

Maybe, maybe not. I was being a bit simplistic, but read on.

> DISCLAIMER:  I'm not a kernel developer, but on several lists and have
> been doing Linux system administration since 0.96.

I'm on the kernel mailing list. I don't just make things up.

> First off, fixes to 2.4 are being made for the sake of 2.4 features,
> *NOT* 2.3/2.4 design "afterthoughts."  They are trying to stabilize the
> VM, of which they thought they had before 2.4.0 came out.  As more and
> more systems started to use it, that was clearly *NOT* the case.

So switching out the VM is "fixes"? Hardly. That's experimenting if I've
ever seen it. What do you call that, bug fixes?

> We had very similar problems with 2.2.x if you remember.  For those of
> us who used kernel NFS, it was the _exact_ same deal with the 2.2.x
> series.  This led me to stick with only RedHat kernel releases.  I'm
> doing the same for kernel 2.4 and it seems to keep my systems stable.

You had a choice to use kernel NFS or userspace NFS. There is no similar
option to use a separate VM, unless you count the one in AC kernels.
That one is being actively developed too. Things are a bit hectic right
now, any way you look at it (in the 2.4 branch).

> Secondly, 2.5 _will_ start once the VM stuff gets "settled down."  The
> second 2.5 conference is about to start and I've seen Cox pinging the
> XFS list regularly over the last few months.  2.5 would have started
> months ago except Linux, Cox and everyone else seems to be putting
> maximum effort into 2.4 right now.

Actually, saying "2.5 _will_ start once the VM stuff gets "settled
down."" is misleading too. Alan Cox hasn't said he'll take over 2.4
development, and has said he'd rather someone else did it (forget the
guy's name, italian guy maybe??). There are many factors that need to 
be decided before 2.5 splits, not just the VM.

> > I use it on most machines, but still, we're testing out some major
> > changes to the kernel right now for Linux and crew.
> Again, I stick with RedHat's heavily patched and tested kernels.

Not a bad idea. RH has always had some handy patches that I appreciated.
I remember having the PPTP masq'ing patches in RH kernels, saving me the
trouble of patching my home gateway. Small things like that can be nice.

> > 2.2.20 is out, think hard about using it for production single proc
> > machines, maybe all of them.
> 2.2.x is still quite a good choice for many systems.  RedHat is still
> actively releasing updates for version 6.2 as well.

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