[svlug] Where to (re) register a Domain Name?

Derek J. Balling dredd at megacity.org
Sat Nov 3 15:01:01 PST 2001

There's lots of OpenSRS resellers (some even on this list) with 
varying prices and great customer service.

However, one thing to keep in mind is : When is your domain scheduled 
to expire? If it's "real soon now", you're probably boned and have to 
pay the $35.00/year (not 70) Verisign fee, because you won't be able 
to complete a registrar-transfer quickly enough.


At 12:06 PM -0800 11/3/01, Ron wrote:
>Time to renew our hold on a domain name. For years we've been with
>VeriSign but a look at the $70/yr renewal suggests it may be time to
>consider another vendor.
>This may be relevant:
>We have no site (yet). Years ago we thought to protect our name from
>squatters by paying to reserve it, on the cheep. A few confusing days on
>Granitcanyon (free nameserver) procured us the two nameserver addresses
>required by (then ?) Network Solutions, since then we(I)'ve been afraid
>to rock the boat by changing to a new Register (since the nameservers
>point to nothing).
>Now it appears Domain Registrants consider this a part of their service
>and will host an "Under Construction" page to keep things nice and tidy.
>Any advice? I've made the usual google / web searches,
>www.weblaunching.net appears adequate ($12) but I didn't find much to
>base a conclusion on. Any help would be appreciated.
>Again, Thank you.
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