[svlug] Harddisk repartitioning troubles: solved by GNU Parted!!

Breen Mullins bmullins at pacbell.net
Sat Nov 3 11:08:01 PST 2001

At 19:25 -0800 11/2/01, Drew Bertola wrote:

> Thanks to Karsten and Breen for suggesting some solutions.  This
> wasn't all that bad once I got to it.
> I used gpart, but it's output seemed a little cryptic (the first
> time).  Also, it doesn't handle extended partition tables.
> Then I tried rescuept.  After waiting for some time for the program to
> run, I looked at the output.  It's something like:
> I wrote the table, then mounted /dev/hda1.  Success!

Very good, Drew. I wasn't aware of rescuept -- I'll take a look at
it. Seth, is that on the LNX-BBC? Sounds like a natural.



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