[svlug] Giving admin. power to a web mgmt. interface

Marc MERLIN marc_news at valinux.com
Sat Nov 3 08:39:02 PST 2001

On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 10:17:30AM -0800, Ivan Passos wrote:
> So, what can I do to overcome this obstacle (other than changing the
> permissions of every single app. the web server will call to be 4750 and
> owned by root:<group under which web server runs> -- now that's an _ugly_
> solution!! :)??

Write the  must be root part  in a small  perl script, make that  suid root,
make the  apache deamon part  or a special group,  and make the  perl script
root.thatgroup 2750

Of course,  that script could still  be run by  other CGIs, so make  sure it
doesn't do anything stupid :-)

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