[svlug] Giving admin. power to a web mgmt. interface

Ivan Passos lists at cyclades.com
Fri Nov 2 11:23:01 PST 2001

On Fri, 2 Nov 2001, Robert Hajime Lanning wrote:

> Use "sudo" in your scripts.
> You can give the web account permissions to run specific commands/scripts.

The problem is that everything I run from the web server runs with the
same permissions as the web server's, not the user's. I'm using PHP's
"exec" command to call the apps. Is there a way to make these apps run
with the permissions of the user who logged in thru the web interface?

> You can also (dangerous) tell sudo not to ask for passwords. ("NOPASSWD:")

Hmmmm ... I thought about that, but I thought it was too dangerous. I
really don't see much difference between that and changing the apps's

I'll try to find some other solution, and use that as a last resort.

Any other hints?!

Thanks for the help!


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