[svlug] Giving admin. power to a web mgmt. interface

Ivan Passos lists at cyclades.com
Fri Nov 2 10:15:02 PST 2001


As I head into dangerous waters, I'd like to count on your expertise and
wise advice ...

I'm trying to develop a web-based front end for the configuration /
administration of a Linux box (no, I can't use Webmin, I have to develop
my own ... :)). The problem is that this front-end needs to run some
commands with root powers, or have access to some directories, config.
files, etc. as such. Now, I could run the web server as root, but I know
this is a no-no (actually I think later versions of Apache don't even let
you do that, if I'm not mistaken ...).

So, what can I do to overcome this obstacle (other than changing the
permissions of every single app. the web server will call to be 4750 and
owned by root:<group under which web server runs> -- now that's an _ugly_
solution!! :)??

Any suggestions are welcome!


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