[svlug] why do we support IDG?

Ajay lists at hempy.dhs.org
Tue Jul 31 19:19:02 PDT 2001

	I remember traditionally using anything other than Netscape gets you
problems trying to register for LinuxWorld, I haven't gotten far enough to
have them say that to me, I've just gotten this far:

                                                     LinuxWorld Expo -

   FRAME: [1]leftbar
   FRAME: [2]topbar
   FRAME: [3]content

LOVELY.  Why doesn't some organization, that actually represents Linux in
some way, start another LinuxWorld?  IDG originally started with 2, and I
think this area is big enough to support 2.  We could even have "ours" at
the San Jose Convention Center (so I could just take light rail there. ;^)

(Okay, I gave, I just hit the 'content' page:

Please note:  We currently support registration using any of the
   following browsers:
   Netscape Navigator 4.5 and greater

LOVELY.  I guess I wasn't mistaken, and they haven't taken that out.  Well,
guess I'm not registering over the web if they don't want me.  I think its
too late for the free shirt anyways, even otherwise its probably not worth
it to sucuumb to them, and why'd I want to support the "Dummies"? ;)

Anywho.. ttfn!


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