[svlug] Where's the Bird??? - was: Linux 10th Anniversary T-Shirts

Mark S Bilk mark at cosmicpenguin.com
Mon Jul 30 18:24:01 PDT 2001

Whoa!  Every page of the Linux10 website has a logo with 
Tux in a beautiful wizard hat in front of the big blue letters.

But the picture of the shirt at http://linux10.org/images/frontshirt.jpg
has no Penguin!  

This is unthinkable!  It's sacrilege!  It's a violation of the GPL!

Please tell us that the jpg is incomplete and that the shirts do bear 
the proud, cute, universal symbol of Linux!


   Mark S Bilk

From: Drew Bertola <drew at drewb.com>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 00:03:14 -0700

We'll be selling t-shirts for the Aug 25th "Linux 10th Anniversary
BBQ/Picnic" (aka "Linux10") at the monthly meeting this Wednesday.
The shirts will be $15.00 with all proceeds going to pay for the food,
drinks, park fees, etc.  Any leftover funds will be donated to the
EFF (which really needs donations ;^| ).
All sizes will be available, from S to XXXL.  You can see a
picture of the shirt at http://linux10.org/images/frontshirt.jpg

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