[svlug] LILO Question

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Mon Jul 30 11:25:02 PDT 2001

Quoting Derek Balling <dredd at megacity.org>:

> IS there any way to have LILO do something like:
> "Reboot the next time under $KERNEL, but leave the default boot as

LILO(8)                                                   LILO(8)
       lilo - install boot loader
       Main function:
        /sbin/lilo - install boot loader
       Auxiliary uses:
        /sbin/lilo -q - query map
        /sbin/lilo -R - set default command line for next reboot

       -R command line
              This option sets the default command for  the  boot
              loader  the  next time it executes. The boot loader
              will then erase this line: this is a once-only com­
              mand.  It is typically used in reboot scripts, just
              before calling `shutdown -r'.

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