[svlug] novice question

Estelle Baer etbaer at pol.net
Sun Jul 29 12:58:01 PDT 2001

Linux advisors: 

Win2000 was cleared from an old laptop and SuSE 7.2, 
Kernel 4.4.4, was installed. A Backpack HD was 
connected to the laptop's parallel port. After 

insmod parport 
insmod parport_pc 
insmod paride 
insmod bpck6 
insmod pd 

Linux sees the BPHD. What precisely are the next 
commands which are required to mount the BPHD, 
assuming that the mount point is to be bphd? 
After the BPHD is mounted, it is intended to make 
a single partition on it. (Is just one partition 
a good idea?) What is the command to make the 
partition? After the partition is defined, are 
there other preparations required for this partition 
before it can be used? And finally, are there other 
questions that should have been asked here but which 
would not occur to a novice?

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