[svlug] how to disable double click

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jul 27 00:29:01 PDT 2001

begin hvrietsc at yahoo.com quotation:
> I saw an article a long time ago that explained how to change something
> in one of the /etc dns config files on your linux box so that all
> communciation while browsing with double click would get rerouted to
> localhost (and thus nothing would be send to them). 
> for the life of me i dont remember how.

I personally like to do the following, on my BIND v. 9.1.x nameserver:

/etc/bind/named.conf :

#doubleclick.net must die
zone "doubleclick.net" {
        type master;
        file "/etc/bind/doubleclick.net.zone";

/etc/bind/doubleclick.net.zone :

; hosts file for named for doubleclick.net
$ORIGIN doubleclick.NET.  
$TTL 3600000
@       IN      SOA     linuxmafia.COM.         rick.deirdre.NET. (
                        2001051802              ; serial
                        10800                   ; refresh 3 hours
                        3600                    ; retry 1 hour
                        3600000                 ; expire 1000 hours
                        86400                   ; minimum 24 hours
                IN      NS      ns1.linuxmafia.COM.
*               IN      A

A little slapdash, I'm sure.  Probably, five people will write in with
critiques, now.  ;->

Among the problems of populating the loopback network in /etc/hosts
with doubleclick hosts is that you have to keep catching and adding 
*.doubleclick.net hostnames.  The above deep-sixes anything on any host
in that domain, present or future, for _all_ machines whose owners elect
to use my nameserver for DNS lookups.  (Note that they're welcome to use 
any other nameserver, or run their own nameservers, if they don't like 
my policy.)

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