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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jul 27 00:21:02 PDT 2001

begin Gareth J. Greenaway quotation:


> Does this play encrypted DVDs as well?

I see this on http://xine.sourceforge.net/xine_frame.php?page=FAQ ,
which seems to address that:

  I get this message: demux error! 00 00 00 (should be 0x000001)

  Probably xine can't access your input source. Most commonly this happens
  when you're trying to play locked/encrypted DVDs. Remember that xine
  can't play such DVDs out-of-the box (for legal reasons). 

  You could use an css-enabled DVD input plugin to avoid this.


  how do I use the dvd plugin?

  First of all:
  The dvd plugin delivered with xine currently does not support playback 
  of locked and/or encrypted dvds. You will need external programs
  or something like an "improved" xine_dvd_plugin to view these
  DVDs with xine directly. Of course you could
  play back the decrypted mpeg2 stream (technically speaking) that is the
  movie on the dvd with xine with the help of additional programs.
  Due to the uncertain legal situation regarding css encryption we do
  not include anything of that nature in the xine distribution, nor do
  we generally endorse the use of such software (you should check if
  the use of such software is legal where you live).
  We hope that this situation will change soon.

  For unlocked/unencrypted dvds it is a good idea first to check what
  files are on the dvd by mounting it. The files are called something
  like .../VIDEO_TS/VTS_xx_x.VOB, where x are numbers.
  If you look for the big .VOB files on a dvd these are probably where the
  movie is in. Currently we don't support seamless playback of complete
  movies - you will have to play back all of its individual parts.

  To play that VOB file use something like

  xine dvd://VTS_xx_x.VOB

  make sure you do not supply any path name (no VIDEO_TS/) and use
  capital letters for the file name.

  xine tries to open the dvd using /dev/cdrom. On freebsd this will only
  work if you create a symlink to your dvd-devicenode for the time being.

For more details, you'll have to dig on that site and elsewhere, because
that's really all I know.

> Personal preference on these things, MSIE does suck.  Thats a given,
> but Aqua is a very cool UI in my opinion and very intuitive.  I suppose
> you have to have used and liked the user interface of NeXT and OpenStep
> to really dig the UI on OS X.

I was teasing.  I'm a long-time fan of NeXTStep, and am fond of telling
people that this new thing isn't really Macintosh OS X, but rather
NeXTStep v. 5.0.

That having been said, I personally think Aqua/Quartz is a step backwards
 -- aesthetically -- from the NeXTStep desktop design.  I also think
that the GNUstep implementation of the OpenStep specification is the
right way for the freenix community to be moving over the long term:
I'd love to be able to ditch X11 for Display Ghostscript, and GNUstep
provides a migration path to get there.

Further, I think that Apple "Cocoa" developers will gradually reach the
same realisation, as they get tired of Apple Computer being in their
way, trying to tie them down with contractual and patent restrictions, 
and trying to shove things like (e.g.) Java-only toolkits down their
throats.  (Objective C, si!  Java, no!)

> Might I suggest replace that motherboard with a 7500, i've heard the
> 7200s tend to be a big buggy.

I'd love to, but probably can't justify the expense at the moment.  But
thanks, Gareth.

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