[svlug] half ethernet working

Christopher William Wesley cwwesley at udlug.org
Thu Jul 26 00:51:01 PDT 2001

On Wed, 25 Jul 2001, Vince Duperron wrote:

> Just installed debian over the net (Linux gate 2.2.19pre17-compact).
> is available.  Both network cards are identical PCI cards.
> One works fine and one is invisible.

Check out the Ethernet HOWTO, specifically section 9.1, "Passing Ethernet
Arguments to the Kernel," in addition to Mr. Lawrence's suggestion.

(Follow the link into the BootPrompt HOWTO for more info on passing all
kinds of arguments to the kernel at boot-time.)

If your NIC driver (tulip, it seems) is loaded as a mudule, keep on
reading into section 9.2, "Using the Ethernet Drivers as Modules."
(I suggest reading the whole HOWTO ... it's worth the time.)

Running Debian ... when configuring your network interfaces, you may also
be interested in the man pages for ifup/ifdown and interfaces (the
/etc/network/interfaces config file).
# man ifup (same manpage for ifdown)
# man interfaces (has some good examples for config'n an interface)
Using ifconfig instead of ifup & ifdown is fine ... read the NOTES section
of the ifup/ifdown manpage for the rationale behind ifup/ifdown.
(They're there, they work, I like them :)


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