[svlug] Victory is sweet...

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Tue Jul 24 11:54:02 PDT 2001

>From: Wayne Earl <wayne at qconcepts.net>
>Agreed. While the protests were necessarily a good thing, in truth, they
>accomplished little. Adobe's support in the criminal prosecution of
>Sklyarov means little, as Adobe is not a party in the criminal charges.
>Sklyarov is still in jail, and is still being charged with a crime. The
>DMCA is still law.
>I'll get off my soapbox now. This really isn't the appropriate place for
>this, but I thought it important that we don't become too self

Wayne... It's OK to celebrate winning a battle even if the outcome of the
war is not determined.  In fact, that's probably the only way to sustain
everyone's morale (including your own) to keep going forward for more of

Keep things in perspective and don't feel guilty about celebrating
yesterday's victory.

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