[svlug] Victory is sweet...

Dan Martinez dfm at area.com
Tue Jul 24 01:03:01 PDT 2001

Al Udal wrote:

> I've chosen to wait till EFF people come out, and I was lucky to
> witness their smiling faces (made several great pics, too) when it's
> ended -- with a victory (for now, as an official Adobe press release
> is quite weird: they explicitly continue to support DMCA.) Now ABC
> calls it as Adobe was under "tremendous pressure" of protest. Well,
> I'm proud I was a part of it, then.

Same here. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stay until the very end, so
thanks for describing how things turned out. It sure did do my heart
good to see Robin Gross and John Gilmore waving down at us from the
second-floor balcony during the break, and I wish I could have seen
emerge triumphant.

Some thanks are in order, I think:

  - To Don "Iron Lungs" Marti, for demonstrating conclusively that
    bullhorns are for wimps.

  - To the folks who thoughtfully made plenty of markers, sticks,
    staplers, and posterboard available for last-minute signage.

  - To the kind souls who went on a water-and-Gatorade run when the
    noonday heat threatened to wilt us.

  - To everyone involved in arranging and coordinating the event. I'm
    sorry that I don't know you, and therefore can't thank you, by

  - Last but not least, to all who showed up, and delivered good
    citizenship in spades. The group made itself heard without making
    itself unwelcome, and, like Al, I'm proud to have been part of it.


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