[svlug] Adobe press release: calls for release of Sklyarov

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Mon Jul 23 17:43:02 PDT 2001

It sounds like our protest made a difference today.  This afternoon Adobe
and EFF made a joint press release calling for the release of Dmitri Sklyarov.
Adobe is withdrawing their DMCA-based criminal complaint against Sklyarov.

   "Adobe, EFF Call for Release of Russian Programmer"

We saw EFF founder John Gillmore wave at us from inside the building (and we
waved back) during what was apparently a break in EFF's negotiations with
Adobe today.

As usual, we had a well-bahaved and civil protest.  The San Jose Police had
started out observing as a standard procedure but they eventually left since
we weren't being a problem for passers-by.

Credit to the organizers.  I know Don Marti and Tabinda Khan coordinated it.
But many others whom I don't know by name were busily getting things done
that helped make this event happen.

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