[svlug] request: which notebook to buy?

Karsten M. Self kmself at ix.netcom.com
Sun Jul 22 16:31:02 PDT 2001

on Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 07:17:26PM -0700, Daevid Vincent (DayWalker at TheMatrix.com) wrote:
> I looked at the SVLUG site, but there doesn't seem to be a way to search
> archives of this list? (http://lists.svlug.org/pipermail/svlug/)
> I'm wanting to get a notebook computer in the <$1500 range if possible that
> I can dual boot Linux on. I'd like it to be fairly hassle free to install
> RH7.1 on, with full support of all the major notebook features, especially
> resolution, OpenGL, Ethernet, Modem, USB, APM, Audio.
> For Linux I'd be using mainly X-windows and testing PHP/mySQL stuff with
> it's own built in Apache. On the "other" side, I'll be writing Music, so
> audio quality would be appreciated (good internal sound card & speakers
> would be ideal). 3D Graphics Hardware acceleration would be mandatory on
> that side as well. So preferably an nVidia chipset (I think that currently
> is only Dell and Toshiba).
> I'd love it to have dual head support. So I can use the LCD as one of the
> displays, and/or use the VGA output to a monitor and also have a second
> monitor.

The Compal 20U (OEM for the former TuxTops Amethyst, now sold under the
name 'King' by QLITech (http://www.qlitech.com/), as well as ChemBook
and others), is a pretty slick, lightweight, notebook.  I've found its
portability makes it preferable to my desktop despite a slightly smaller
(1025x768 v. 1154x864) display area.  

Keyboard feel is great, only hardware issue is the Lucent WinModem --
binary support is available but I swung for the PCMCIA modem instead.
I've had a problem with the power port -- it's loose and cycles the
system between battery and AC, current workaround is to use the docking
base unit (floppy or LS-120, CD or DVD, spare battery).  I'll be getting
this seen to in the near future though.  Without same, weight is 4.3 lb
and thickness just about 1".  Owned since January, travelled
extensively.  Cost is ~$1730-2114 depending on configuration.

The site (http://www.qlitech.net/products/laptops/king.html) states
"your choice of distribution preinstalled", my preference was to wipe
the system and load Debian with my preferred partitioning scheme.


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