[svlug] PPTP?

Dan Martinez dfm at area.com
Sun Jul 22 10:50:01 PDT 2001

Rick wrote:

> Um, perhaps you didn't quite follow my point:  The _protocol_ is
> defective (particularly as implemented by Microsoft Corporation):
> You cannot render it OK by using a better client on one end.
> [Remote off-line breaking of the entire MS-PPTP v. 2 tunnel using
> l0phtcrack:]
> [SNIP!]
> That's changing the subject: The point was that breaking MS-PPTP,
> even MS-PPTP v. 2, is trivially easy using readily available
> automated tools -- from remote locations, anonymously.

Since I haven't seen the link posted yet in the context of the current


Contains pointers to analyses of PPTP v. 1 and PPTP v. 2. Both, as
Rick has been asserting all along, were found intrinsically wanting.


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