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On Sat, Jul 21, 2001 at 09:47:59PM -0700, Greg Herlein wrote:
> > The fact that Sklyarov was here to make a presentation on cracking
> > Adobe's encryption scheme is coincidental to the arrest.  He had to be
> > on US soil to be arrested, so his trip to Las Vegas provided that
> > opportunity.  It probably didn't matter if he was there for academic
> > reasons or just to gamble and party.
> I drink wine.  Wine is forbidden in Islamic cultures.  If I
> travel to a country ruled by hard-line Moslem fundamentalists, is
> it right that I should be imprisoned there if I did not break the
> law while I was there.

No, it does not affect them if you drink wine here.  Sklyarov's
actions were determined by the arresting authorities to affect US
business interests.  Same thing for Noriega or Milosovic, but to an
obviously lesser degree.

> There are two issues here, IMHO:  one is the absulute absurdity
> of the DMCA.  The other is the ridiculous idea that we have the
> right to arrest someone who visits our country and commits no
> crime here.

Again, protest the DMCA daily, weekly, or however often.  You can't
wait for it to hurt you (or others) for your protest activities.  If
you had protest earlier, you may have found a way for Sklyarov to
avoid this whole mess.

When Socrates was arrested and convicted for corrupting the morals of
youths and religious heresy, he was sentenced to death.  He willingly
drank the cup of hemlock arguing that he had no right to protest the
laws once they had been used against him.  His reasoning was that he
had known that the laws had existed for quite some time.  In failing
his duty to protest the laws before they affected him, he had
relinquished right to protest them after.

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