Free Dmitry Sklyarov demonstration (was: Re: [svlug] Dmitry Sklyarov)

Greg Herlein gherlein at
Sat Jul 21 21:51:02 PDT 2001

> Noriega was arrested for acts committed on Panamanian soil.  Not only
> that, but we committed a Panamanian crime (kidnapping) within Panama
> in bringing him to justice here.  Of course, since Noriega usurped power
> from the democratically elected leader of Panama, they didn't complain.

Yes, that was stupidity too.  It was wrong.  Funny, same family
in power in the White House then too.

> Did you voice a protest on that event?  If not, and if you were aware
> of the Noriega arrest, then your claim above is difficult to support.
> In general, I think we, as a country, are arrogant.

Totally agreed about your last point.  And yes, I did protest it

> This holds no relevance under US law.  Protest that if you feel it is
> wrong.

I did.  I called my representaives offices (Senate and House) and
loudly voiced my opinion.

> I agree.  I'm just afraid that the only reason for this has nothing to
> do with freedom and all to do with wealth.

Agreed again.


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