[svlug] Dmitry....

Greg Herlein gherlein at herlein.com
Sat Jul 21 21:49:01 PDT 2001

> The fact that Sklyarov was here to make a presentation on cracking
> Adobe's encryption scheme is coincidental to the arrest.  He had to be
> on US soil to be arrested, so his trip to Las Vegas provided that
> opportunity.  It probably didn't matter if he was there for academic
> reasons or just to gamble and party.

I drink wine.  Wine is forbidden in Islamic cultures.  If I
travel to a country ruled by hard-line Moslem fundamentalists, is
it right that I should be imprisoned there if I did not break the
law while I was there.

There are two issues here, IMHO:  one is the absulute absurdity
of the DMCA.  The other is the ridiculous idea that we have the
right to arrest someone who visits our country and commits no
crime here.



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