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On Sat, Jul 21, 2001 at 10:05:13AM -0700, Chris J. DiBona wrote:
> So I've been working on a declaration which I'd love you you guys to check
> out. It's here:
> http://www.dibona.com/dmca

	Dmitry Sklyarov, a Russian academic

Sorry, that's not accurate.  He's currently a commercial programmer.

	He was formally charged with distributing software that could
	be used to circumvent copy protection.

Currently, this is a crime (right or wrong).

	It is ironic that a Russian national is being held without
	bail in the US for what is essentially a thoughtcrime.

>From what I understand, that is not the case.  As you stated above, he
is being held, right or wrong, because he distributed tools aimed at
circumventing copyright protection measures.  This is far different
from a "thoughtcrime."

Someone posted a link from a russian news publication which they had
translated.  This stated that the FBI themselves bought a copy of
Sklyarov's software to circumvent PDF encryptions.  More likely, that
bought it to demonstrate that it could be acquired from within the US
and using a US credit card.  This is speculation, but I'd guess they
did it to make their case.

The fact that Sklyarov was here to make a presentation on cracking
Adobe's encryption scheme is coincidental to the arrest.  He had to be
on US soil to be arrested, so his trip to Las Vegas provided that
opportunity.  It probably didn't matter if he was there for academic
reasons or just to gamble and party.

Again, I'm not making a judgement on the validity of the DMCA or this
case, I'm just trying to dispell the notion that he was arrested for
the sole reason that he presented "speech and scientific research."
Saying otherwise is just spinning the issue.

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