[svlug] PPTP?

Christopher William Wesley cwwesley at udlug.org
Sat Jul 21 14:54:02 PDT 2001

On Sat, 21 Jul 2001, Rick Moen wrote:

> Feel free to ask well-formed questions in the future.  I know the extra
> two lines of typing would be a huge imposition on your delicate
> physique, but it might have the advantage of being more _useful_.

Moen, what is your point?  You haven't even attempted to answer any
questions in here.  So far, I've seen you re-start this thread twice, by
bringing in off-list convo.  You've suggested not using PPTP when people
have inquired about Linux & PPTP, or otherwise stated they'd like/have to
use Linux & PPTP.  You've made some blatantly false statements regarding
VPN software. You've knocked this thread so far off topic from the
original challenge, that it's worthless.  It's a complete wonder why you
persist with your stunning display of illiteracy and machismo in this
list.  "Try Google" is a complete cop-out way of saying "I don't know."
And this is a mail list, where if you don't know or don't otherwise have
something mildly intelligent to say, your best move is to not interject
your ignorant cliches and off-topic suggestions.  It's not amusing.  It's
not helpful.  Mr. Palmer hit the nail on the head in his post.  You
had/have the chance to help, but instead you post back and punt like an
elitist, not like a GNU/Linux community member.  I suspect some
half-witted response to this is on the way.  I hear it coming, with the
weight, intelligence and uselesssness of a hippo on the Internet.  Go
ahead and try to justify these while you're at it ...

You replied to a request for a link or a HOWTO with some tirade about how
poor PPTP is.  Worthless.

"There is plenty of real VPN software [to connect to non-unix VNP server]
available for Linux."

Completely unsubstantiated, and in the context of this thread, wrong.
Worthless help there.

"Why don't you try using the Google search engine ..."

What makes you think that hadn't been done?  Worthless.

He aked _you_ a question.  Did you author all the Linux VPN related
content accessible to Google?  Need I forward you Mr. Lowe's guide on how
to use Linux to connect to a MS and Cisco VPN box?  (I'm reading it now on
my hot CRT.)  OH, hold on ... just Google it up instead.  I'm sure he used
his fair share of Google, and good raw experimentation while documenting,
in creating the guide.

"Have you stumbled across the LDP's VPN HOWTO, yet ..."

Dated December 1999.  While a mediocre help with VPN between Linux
systems at this time, it has nothing to do with a linux client connecting
to a non-unix VPN server.  Worthless suggestion.

"Get a better job."

Mildly amusing, but doesn't solve the challenge.  Worthless.

"Feel free to ask well-formed questions in the future."

Real classic.  You made a suggestion that plenty Linux VPN software is
available to connect to a non-unix VPN server, and you were asked for an
example of such software ... then you chumped out.  And you're going to
turn it around on the questioner?  Nice try.  Feel free to answer a
question when you have something that isn't worthless to say.

Here's the original challenge ... would you like to try again at being
helpful?  I haven't seen the original poster post back.  Hopefully he
wasn't discouraged by your windbag of a response.

Then, let's see about some VPN software.  What qualifies your statement
about the software's availability in this context?

This is not a Linux VPN client <--> Linux VPN server situation.
I'm interested in the different software to which you refer.  I'd even
appreciate your ideas of what kernel and/or ppp patches are available, in
lieu of packaged software.  What software was it you were talking about?


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