[svlug] Boycotting adobe

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Jul 21 12:56:01 PDT 2001

begin Sanatan Rai quotation:
> The reason I raised the question of boycotting PDF itself was
> becuase that is the reason why they are a fairly dominant company. 

Mark Twain had a saying:  "Her money is tainted.  Tain't yours, and
tain't mine."

So, we implicitly say to Adobe, "Thank you for the PDF format.  We'll 
take it from here.  Kindly go away."

> This leaves the more pressing question of what to do about the
> current lawsuit.

Your point?

> How does one ensure that when making laws about software, or gene
> research or whatever, it is the objective opinion of experts that is
> heeded? How does one fight this war?

When you solve the problem of how to guarantee the drafting of fair and
just laws, let us know.  No, wait, cancel that:  Put it up on a Web
page, and let the world discover it.  No, really, thank _you_.

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