[svlug] PPTP?

Chris Palmer cecibean at bitstream.net
Sat Jul 21 09:53:01 PDT 2001

On 21 Jul  Rick Moen wrote:

> > The first 5 pages of results are almost entirely PPTP-related. :)
> Then, you may have to hire that research consultant, after all, if you
> can't figure out how to use Google effectively.  (Not me, though; I
> don't want you for a client.)  

Assuming he used your suggested search string, you're the one with Google
usage problems.

> Out of idle curiosity:  Have you stumbled across the LDP's VPN HOWTO,
> yet, or is that going to take you a few more days of research?

I can only assume that the reason you didn't reply at first with the URL
to this HOWTO is because you want to be a prickly asshole.

Why do you want to be a prickly asshole? What is Linux about, if not about
community and a sharing spirit? The LDP was not created by elitists, it
was created by people who wanted to share their knowledge.

So maybe somebody is being a little lazy. Point him to the list archives,
point him to the HOWTO, or ignore him. But you're just making yourself
look like a fool in front of your professional peers by being a smart-ass.



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