[svlug] PPTP?

Jose Medeiros cobra at jps.net
Fri Jul 20 20:43:01 PDT 2001

Actually Rick ..

He mentioned he was using a Nortel Box and when using there client on a
box it offers 168 bit 3des encryption ( Just like the Cisco VPN Client ).

 However there is not a VPN client for Linux available as far as I can tell,
and that is why he is using PPTP.

Your idea to use SSH with port redirect is probably best since it offers
 128 bit encryption.


" Not to bad for a NT guy and Linux wanabee " :-)


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> begin Alvin Oga quotation:
> > yup.. but for windoze boxes... is there another option besides pptp
> > servers/clients... ( besides vnc w/ security patches )...
> I'd do PPP over SSH, before I'd resort to PPTP.  But, if you're using
> MS-Windows for network infrastructure, you've given up on security,
> anyway.
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