[svlug] Boycotting Adobe

Chris Palmer cecibean at bitstream.net
Fri Jul 20 20:30:01 PDT 2001

On 20 Jul  Sanatan Rai wrote:

> Quite. I already use GhostView and LaTeX. My point was about the PDF
> itself: it is copyright to Adobe. So the minute a document is in PDF,
> and one reads it, one is _not boycotting_ Adobe, even if one adds in
> the extra step of using pdf2ps on it first.

1. If I run pdflatex on my LaTeX file, Adobe isn't getting any money. I
don't worry that I'm supporting an unethical corporation when I run this
program, the way I do when I use Word at work.

2. PDF is an open standard, I believe. Why don't we take what's good (a
technically good, open standard) and leave what's bad (low quality,
proprietary software and spurious prosecution)?

There's no reason to become such an ideologue that you forget what your
principles are in the frisson of defiance.


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