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Drew Bertola drew at
Fri Jul 20 16:07:01 PDT 2001

> "Point out a flaw, go to jail."  It's worth opposing.

I'm still unclear on the full facts behind this story.  There are
several articles and several websites all of which are either
incorrect, vague, or biased.  Isn't it true that Sklyarov did more
than just "point out a flaw" in Adobe's eBook encryption scheme?  I
believe the complaint was that he wrote and distributed tools to
undermine the encryption scheme.

The complaint made by Adobe was directly related to this provision of
the DMCA - "the distribution of tools."  The complaint had nothing to
do with his paper, although his paper spoke about what he learned
while writing the decryption program.

I guess everyone sees a problem with Adobe's proprietary eBooks
scheme.  I do.  But I also see the same problem with Cisco's products
or Google's.

The strange thing is that the DMCA is supposed to protect copyrights.
I didn't know it also protects seriously week technologies designed to
protect copyrights.  So why can Adobe use the DMCA (unless they hold
the rights to publish copyrighted material).

I do see the flaws in the DMCA and personally I'm not opposed to
anything Sklyarov did.  To the contrary, I think it's good.  But, I
think the protest groups are trying to garner support by
misrepresenting the facts.

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