[svlug] Re: fuzzy Mozilla 0.9.2 fonts

Al Udal aludal at softhome.net
Fri Jul 20 14:56:01 PDT 2001

20 ???? 2001 13:40, ?? ????????:
> On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 01:35:02PM -0700, Al Udal wrote:
> > Hi Justin,
> >
> > What do you mean by 'fuzzy' fonts? Jagged, non-antialiased ones while on
> > low (< 8) and big (>16) point sizes? Then, there is no much difference
> > between 0.9.1 and earlier Mozillas and 0.9.2, both are bad in that. Maybe
> > the latter version shows less of exagerrated metrics (at my 120dpi an 8
> > points TrueType font does look tiny, yes, but not 'fuzzy' ('blurry') at
> > all, as it's essentially an antialiasing feature yet to be introduced in
> > stock gtk, and I don't use AA in my kmozilla 0.9.2).
> 	First question: what is kmozilla? I assume this is the mozilla
> running on KDE (which is what I have) ?
Kmozilla is an alternative (to khtml) renderer of Konqueror. I use it in rare 
cases when my khtml engine of Konqueror 2.2beta1 fails/defaults on ugly fonts 
on Cyrillic/CJK non-meta encoded pages. (It may not work, too, but it's 
another story.) When at KDE2.2beta1, you can invoke kmozilla by choosing a 
menu option KMOZILLA in View-->[Viewing Mode (or something; it's backward 
translation] over default KHTML. Well, I suppose Konqueror uses Mozilla 
engine here as sort of wrapper for it, maybe stripped off of some of 
Mozilla's bloating stupidity, maybe not. Kmozilla is much more convenient to 
use in KDE2 though, than stock Mozilla. As for rendering speed I didn't 
notice much difference.

> 	Second, the fonts are quite different when visiting all pages (but
> let's go with http://www.yahoo.com) They aren't smaller but definately
> fuzzy as if it's using a font that doesn't quite match what I have on my
> system. I don't quite know how to explain it other then "fuzzy".
Nothing of your observations here. My Kmozilla (and pure Mozilla 0.9.2) 
renders by 2-3 point sizes smaller on yahoo.com than Konqueror's native 
KHTML, but that's all. (AA in my KDE2.2 is turned off, as I don't need it for 
Latin/East European glyphs on my 1920x1440 resolution with X server fired at 

> > Aaand, if your Linux system is not of Gameboy class, just get rid of ALL
> > 75dpi and "scaled" fonts, at last! Use X server at 100dpi at least
> > (default is miserly 75dpi, Debian or not)
> 	Hmm, ok this I will give a try.
Dramatic changes wait for you on this path...

Stay Konquered, not Mozillaed,


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