[svlug] Re: fuzzy Mozilla 0.9.2 fonts

Justin F. Knotzke shampoo at cam.org
Fri Jul 20 13:41:01 PDT 2001

On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 01:35:02PM -0700, Al Udal wrote:
> Hi Justin,
> What do you mean by 'fuzzy' fonts? Jagged, non-antialiased ones while on low 
> (< 8) and big (>16) point sizes? Then, there is no much difference between 
> 0.9.1 and earlier Mozillas and 0.9.2, both are bad in that. Maybe the latter 
> version shows less of exagerrated metrics (at my 120dpi an 8 points TrueType 
> font does look tiny, yes, but not 'fuzzy' ('blurry') at all, as it's 
> essentially an antialiasing feature yet to be introduced in stock gtk, and I 
> don't use AA in my kmozilla 0.9.2).

	First question: what is kmozilla? I assume this is the mozilla
running on KDE (which is what I have) ?

	Second, the fonts are quite different when visiting all pages (but
let's go with http://www.yahoo.com) They aren't smaller but definately
fuzzy as if it's using a font that doesn't quite match what I have on my
system. I don't quite know how to explain it other then "fuzzy". 

> Aaand, if your Linux system is not of Gameboy class, just get rid of ALL 
> 75dpi and "scaled" fonts, at last! Use X server at 100dpi at least (default 
> is miserly 75dpi, Debian or not)

	Hmm, ok this I will give a try.


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