[svlug] Re: fuzzy Mozilla 0.9.2 fonts

Al Udal aludal at softhome.net
Fri Jul 20 13:33:01 PDT 2001

Hi Justin,

What do you mean by 'fuzzy' fonts? Jagged, non-antialiased ones while on low 
(< 8) and big (>16) point sizes? Then, there is no much difference between 
0.9.1 and earlier Mozillas and 0.9.2, both are bad in that. Maybe the latter 
version shows less of exagerrated metrics (at my 120dpi an 8 points TrueType 
font does look tiny, yes, but not 'fuzzy' ('blurry') at all, as it's 
essentially an antialiasing feature yet to be introduced in stock gtk, and I 
don't use AA in my kmozilla 0.9.2).

Anyway, it's quite difficult to try and introduce any reasonable 
anti-aliasing to Gtk-based Mozilla: some careful patching is needed, and the 
surgery usually results in highly unstable (Ximian) Gnome and its apps. Well, 
you may want to use Kmozilla renderer under KDE2, so it wouldn't matter at 
all, then go search Google/Linux on 'gtk anti-aliasing' 'anti-aliasing' and 
find that patch and recompile your gtk.

On the lower level, by the XFree86 4.0.3+ RENDER extension AA stuff is also 
hardware-dependent, so check your video card as AA supporting against 
xfree86.org recommendations.

Aaand, if your Linux system is not of Gameboy class, just get rid of ALL 
75dpi and "scaled" fonts, at last! Use X server at 100dpi at least (default 
is miserly 75dpi, Debian or not)

Alexander Udalov

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